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Wanting to move in a more entrepreneurial direction, moved to a technology start-up company, where he was one of the first of what would eventually become a team of several hundred in just over a year. After experiencing rapid growth, the company was purchased in less than two years.

Now having experience with an entrepreneurial startup, Kris, and three colleagues successfully launched and grew an IT consulting company, Labrynth. His primary focus was client training across many areas including technology, strategy, project management, and negotiations. Labrynth, Inc. remains a successful business to this day.

During his time at Labrynth, Kris developed a real passion for workforce development. Working in several industries, he decided this was the focus and direction he wished to pursue. Thirteen years ago, he spun off and launched Intelivate – a company focused solely on workforce development including training development, facilitation and consulting.

Through it all, Kris has partnered with dozens of client organizations across some industries and has had the privilege of leading and serving hundreds of teams.




Kris has two primary leadership roles: Leading and coaching leaders of internal teams and leading and mentoring leaders of client teams. Although each function and client industry has its exciting challenges, the foundational principles of leadership success remain the same. This session focuses on those areas that build the foundation for inspirational leadership – especially when leading leaders.

His facilitated sessions are not based on theory, process or formally taught principles. It builds on lessons learned over the years: cumulative of both Kris’ and his clients’ leadership successes and opportunities.

Kris Fannin’s sessions should be open and full of discussion from every participant. There will be many opportunities for self-assessment and reflection. Please take full advantage of this opportunity to learn more about yourself as a leader and those areas that you identify as opportunities.

Sessions are not designed to provide process or steps. It aims to provide you – a leader of leaders – more insight and opportunity to build the foundation of not just success, but of inspiration.

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